Discover Indonesia’s Untapped Business Potential

Indonesia is often associated with dreamy beaches, bustling streets, friendly locals, delicious food, and perhaps the infamous Bali Belly. While these are common first impressions of the country, Indonesia offers much more than just Instagram-worthy scenes. This Southeast Asian gem is rapidly becoming a hotspot for businesses seeking growth, and it’s not hard to see why.

A Young and Digitally-Savvy Population

Indonesia boasts a young, digitally-savvy population of over 275.5 million people, making it the fourth largest country in the world. As the internet penetration rate increases rapidly, forecasts predict the e-commerce market to grow to nearly $60 billion by 2024. Notably, in 2023, Indonesia ranked among the top three countries with the highest retail e-commerce growth, boasting an impressive 20% increase.

Booming Middle Class Driving Purchasing Power

The booming middle class drives purchasing power and creates a massive demand in online retail. Yet, due to high entry barriers, the market remains relatively untapped by European companies. This situation presents a unique opportunity for businesses willing to navigate these challenges. Companies that can tailor their strategies to meet local preferences stand to gain a significant competitive edge.

Promising Future of E-Commerce

Looking ahead, the e-commerce sector’s future appears equally promising. By 2029, experts project the market in Indonesia to grow at a CAGR of 10.4%, reaching approximately $95 billion. This growth stems from improvements in digital infrastructure and a significant shift in consumer behavior. Businesses investing in the region now could establish themselves as market leaders in the years to come.

At the Forefront of Digital Transformation.

Indonesia leads the way in digital transformation, featuring one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world. A large, young population that is digitally connected and actively engaged online supports this burgeoning market. With stable economic indicators, Indonesia is poised to secure its place on the global stage. At Scaling Asia and Leverate Group, we recognize a land full of untapped opportunities. For brands looking to expand, Indonesia’s digital landscape offers fertile ground like no other.

So, have you considered Indonesia for your business expansion yet, or is it still just on your vacation bucket list?

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